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Welcome to my home. I hope you find what you are seeking for,
and do not be disappointed if you did not find anything useful here...
Your journey never ends...

Here you will find many galleries of dragon pictures. The links to each gallery is at the bottom of each and every page. Feel free to look around if you wish...
This page lists every link there is on this page, May prove to be very helpful in your journey here.
Here you will find pages of dragon animations I have found on the net...
This here is a small page of icons, not a lot but some are cute. Check it out.
This here shows A to Z of 3 different colors of dragons... Green, Blue, and Red. The Greens are original and the other two colors are what I changed them to.

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1999 DragonTears
Page created January 23, 1999
Still heavily under construction.
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